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Highland beef cattle first arrived at Green Farm in March 2002. Dottie (Brindle) and Jaz (White) were bought as a hobby (and a bit of fun).

At this time we were milking 130 Holsteins and Jerseys three times a day, getting high yields but not making any money. So after becoming involved with the Highland Cattle Society, and making some trips to Oban to the Cattle sales, we decided to sell the milk cows in August 2005 and concentrate on cows that are fun, sell our own beef, (which we think is the best in the world), and farm in a more traditional, and environmentally friendly way.

Our Highland Beef Cattle can now be seen above the Malham Cove beauty spot where we support the Limestone Country Project.
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Donald decided it was his turn to wreck things today... Cleaning the calf building out he managed to puncture one of the tyres on the Manitou which meant a trip to Townsons to have a replacement fitted. He then burst a water pipe on the water trough. I took a steer to CCM Skipton along with Mick & Theresa’s steer for slaughter for the shop.

Hosted a visit by Bolton-by-Bowland Young Farmers Club. We always do a tour of the farm in 4x4s but as they had mainly come in cars and vans we loaded everybody into four vehicles and set off to go up to Wenningber. However, when we got there one pickup was missing. After a few phone calls we established that they'd been stopped by a unmarked police car that had been attending a drugs raid on a house in Hellifield after he had spotted the pickup with a load of lads in the back with no seat belts on. Unfortunately the driver is probably going to get a few points. It could only happen here.

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Highland beef Open day 2013Highland beef - Open day 2013
Highland beef - Open day 2013Highland beef - Open day 2013
Highland beef - France 2013Highland beef - France 2013
Highland beef - France 2013Highland beef - France 2013
Highland beef - France 2013
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